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With our products and tutorials, we make your dream of turning your Canadian yard into a tropical paradise a reality.

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How to winterize cold hardy palm trees outdoors anywhere in Canada.

Most cold hardy palms are rated to zone 8+. Unfortunately, most of Canada gets much colder than this. Find out how to "zone push" to grow tropical plants in places you never thought possible.

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How to winterize Hardy Banana (Musa Basjoo) outdoors in hardiness zone 5+.

The japanese fibre banana (Musa Basjoo) is the hardiness banana species of all. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy it's gigantic tropical foliage year after year in Canada.

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How to overwinter your banana plants indoors.

Getting your banana plants to grow over 10 feet tall in Canada without a greenhouse is possible. We will walk you through how to store your banana's for the winter so they grow bigger and bigger each summer.

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Wow I was skeptical at first, but I now have a Windmill Palm growing in my yard. Mark went the extra mile to ensure I had all the care and winterization instructions I needed.

Thomas in Windsor

These are the real deal. Was able to buy several cold-hardy plants that I have never seen for sale in Canada before.

John in London

Process of pre-ordering and delivery of my palms was easy. Great service and awesome plants.

Matthew in Toronto