Can I really grow palm trees year-round outdoors in Canada?

Yes! Although palm trees do not naturally grow in Canada, you can grow hardy palm tree varieties here with special protection methods. We have many customers doing this successfully across Canada. Read our tutorial to learn how:

How to winterize cold-hardy palm trees outdoors anywhere in Canada


Are there other ways to grow hardy palm trees in Canada?

You can also grow hardy palm trees in pots. Although these cannot be left outdoors year-round, you have a few options during the winter:

  1. Put them into your garage for the winter. Ensure the garage temperature stays above freezing.
  2. Grow them as a large houseplant inside for the winter.
  3. Pay to have them stored at a local greenhouse for the winter.


Can I grow tropical palm tree varieties in Canada?

Tropical palm trees are typically grown in large pots. These are frost sensitive plants, and you have the following options for winter:

  1. Pay to have them stored at a local greenhouse for the winter.
  2. Keep them inside your home or heated garage/shop for winter. (They will do much better if under grow lights)
  3. Throw them out and replace with fresh palms each spring. (Yes many people do this too!)


Do you offer a warranty for the plants?

Due to the higher-risk nature of growing non-native plants in Canada, we do not offer a warranty for our plants. We only guarantee that you receive the plants in healthy condition at the time of delivery. If you're worried about losing your plant during the winter, we recommend buying a smaller plant that you can afford to replace or using a lower-risk method such as bringing your plant inside for the winter.


How does the order process work? Do I have to pre-order?

Most of our plants are imported in small amounts and we do not carry any inventory of them. If you're interested in ordering, pre-ordering will guarantee that we will have your plant for you in the spring. We contact you when your plant has arrived and is ready for pick-up/shipping. We will carry some inventory of smaller plants in the spring, checkout our website starting in May to see what we have available.


Do you offering shipping?

Yes, we offer shipping across Canada on 1, 3, and 7 gallon plants through Canada Post. If you're looking to have a larger plant shipped, please contact us for a custom quote.


Do you offer delivery outside of the London area?

Yes, we offer affordable delivery to most locations in southern Ontario within a 2 hour radius of London. 


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we sell to garden centers, municipalities, and other businesses. Contact us for a wholesale quote. For retail customers making larger orders, a 5% discount is automatically applied at checkout when ordering 10 or more plants.


Do you offer larger palms than listed on the website?

Yes, we can order larger palms on request. Please contact us for a custom quote.


Do you sell other plants that are not listed on the website?

Yes, we can source many plants that are commercially grown in Florida. Contact us to inquire.