Our Story

ExoticPlants.ca was founded in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to unfold. With lockdowns and travel restrictions in place, Canadians were staying home more than ever before. During these times of challenge and isolation, we had a vision to bring happiness to others by making palm trees and other tropical plants more accessible to Canadians.  Today ExoticPlants.ca is one of the largest importers of palm trees in Canada.
“I remember the first time I saw a large palm tree in someone's yard in Canada. I was absolutely blown away with the impact it made on the outdoor space, and the way it made me feel. My dream was to empower fellow Canadians to transform their yards and living spaces  into their own slice of paradise with our palm trees."
President & Founder

How it Works


Our business model

We operate our business completely online. We don't carry any inventory and only import plants once per year. By eliminating the overhead costs associated with a traditional retail store, we are able to sell spectacular palm trees for more affordable prices.

Plants Grown in Florida

Our plants are grown by the best growers in Southern Florida. Your palm trees will contiue to soak up the Florida sun until it's time to be imported. (Much better than a gloomy greenhouse in the winter right?)
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Pre-Order Online

Our plants are pre-ordered during the fall, winter, and early spring. The prcoess is easy through our online store. Simply add the items to your cart and complete the checkout process by filling in your information and paying online.

Imported Each Spring

Every May we import our plants from Florida to Ontario once the risk of frost is gone. This is typically around the Victoria Day long weekend. We begin fufulling order from the moment the truck has been unloaded.

Delivered to your door

Once the plants have arrived in London Ontario, we spend the next 2 weeks shipping orders directly to our customers. We personally hand deliver orders within our Southern Ontario delivery zone and offer convenient shipping options for the rest of Canada.

Plant Care & Support

We sell palm trees varieties that can be winterized outdoors or other varieties that can be brought indoors. We offer amazing customer service and tutorials to help with palm tree care.

Ready to order?

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